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A Bit About Us

Dynamic Vision is a leading audiovisual and lighting service provider for various events and venues in the New York area and around the US.  Since our founding, we’ve helped our clients bring their visions to life. With our exceptional skills, high-quality service, and top-of-the-line technology, we’ve created some of the most visually stunning displays, and breathtaking visual experiences that deliver both clarity and enthusiasm from our clients’ audiences.


We are passionate about aesthetic design. Driven by our desire to transform visions and emotions into an artistic display of sounds and lights, our goal is to share our creations with the world through the ever-evolving miracles of technology and the radiant glow of lights


We dedicate our skills and technology to making sure that you achieve your goals for your event, to uniquely and aesthetically reach your audience and deliver your message.

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What We Can Do For You


Production Design 

From Idea to Schematics

Utilizing the most advanced technologies in the industry and professional skilled labor trained to succeed over any challenge along the journey, we can guide you throughout the whole process of your event — from the conceptualization of the ideas until the audience’s thunderous applause. A vivid rendering and schematic drawing of your event can help you see your vision come to fruition the way you imagined it.

Lighting Services

From a pin spot on a floral centerpiece to a follow spot on your talent

We set the stage for your event, depending on the mood, intensity, and vibe that you envision. With our innovative lighting designs, modern lighting automation, trendy ambiance, and advanced stage lighting solutions, we can create a magnificent atmosphere on any occasion and in any type of venue, bringing your visions to life. Experience world-class lighting tools and systems that will make your event shine and stand out.


Audio Visual Services

From a projector in a breakout room to an oversized custom shaped LED wall

Our state-of-the-art video tools and equipment allow for high-definition projection, multi-screen setups, 3D video mapping, custom-made screens, and indoor and outdoor LED monitors that engage the senses and increase audience engagement. There is more to any event than just live performances. Present a story. Share your narrative. Showcase a unique background. Whatever AV requirement you have, we will make it happen.

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"We love novelty. We love uniqueness. The adrenalin rush of creating new experiences for people and helping them communicate their ideas through artistic audiovisual masterpieces fuel our drive every morning, every night, every day"

Dynamic Vision founders

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Let’s Work Together!

Not all events are created equal. If you want your event to truly stand out and make a lasting impression to guests, audience, and even the media, you need to let the experts handle your lighting and audiovisual needs. Contact us now and let’s discuss how our amazing team can transform your creative idea into a stunning work of art.

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